11Sep 2019

We are taking a closer look at Asia Pacific fund management and FX broker dealer space, summarising regulations, restrictions and specific challenges the global firms are facing today and are expected to continue facing in near future. Download newsletter here

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25Jun 2019

Singapore is one of the top power countries evolving at an unprecedented speed, rated as the most likely destination to “park” the private wealth. According to WealthInsight, one in 34 people in Singapore are millionaires. That makes it the sixth most millionaire-dense country in the world and the top across Asia Download newsletter here

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19Jun 2019

A study commissioned by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and conducted by Ernst & Young was released on the 23rd of April. The key findings relate to weighing the multibillion-dollar global investments in data analytics and automation against the expected outcomes of enhanced competitive positioning […]

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30Oct 2018

This issue is focused on Crypto ecosystem, marking its 10th Anniversary since bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamotopublished his white paper on bitcoin and latest developments in regulation of cryptocurrencies. The global economy was taken by storm of new and exciting transformative potential of digital currencies. Some of us still trying to make sense of the concept […]

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27Apr 2018

We are all witnessing an ever-increasing demand to operate globally, reduce the cost and complexity, accelerate expansion into other jurisdictions, with a need to know of regulatory implications – fast. We all want some creative solutions within a ‘global dictionary’ which covers needs across different jurisdictions from different regulators, increasing, not reducing the burden of […]

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01Mar 2018
Alba Newsletter – Q1

WELCOME to the very first of our Quarterly publication. We endeavour to summarise relevant regulatory updates from Singapore, UK, Europe and Australia. The publications are primarily targeted for Capital Market Services Licenced intermediaries dealing, advising on regulated derivatives, including but not limited to FX and CFDs with passporting in the above jurisdictions. We have selected […]

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