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Here in Alba we believe that data is the new oil.

We offer corporate compliance programmes, turning inflexible vast pool of rules and outcomes based regulatory obligations into business-centric solutions, allowing you to make your business model work.


We are working on digitalizing the process of:

  • Customer Due Diligence and Onboarding
  • Transaction, trade and customer risk monitoring (for financial trading compliance)
  • Cross-referencing of international regulatory data published at home jurisdictions and across the borders
  • Compliance reporting to senior management or board of directors

We are also your trusted experts in business licensing application in Singapore. We provide our knowledge and experience to manually intervene, employing industry’s best-practices, with help of a tailor made and tested suite of compliance tools.


Our services cover all the bases:

Business licensing application Singapore

Advise business executives on improving your compliance practices

Provide support to MLRO and Chief Compliance Officers

corporate compliance program

Review or Provide Compliance Monitoring Program, Processes, Checklists and applicable Toolkits

Data Intelligence and analytics

Business licensing application Singapore

Tailor Business Risk Management Framework in accordance to business risk appetite and business strategy.

We guide you in your efforts to create a transparent and ethical corporate governance and culture, incorporating pervasive intelligence into decision making at all levels and functions.

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