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Privacy policy 

These terms of use incorporate, and should be read together with, the Alba Compliance Privacy Policy. Alba Compliance will use only the personal data which you submit to us via the website in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy also describes how this website may collect, store and use cookies.

Conflict of Interest

In accordance with relevant law and regulations, we have procedures in place to identify and avoid potential conflicts of interest between clients of Alba Compliance. In some circumstances, we may be precluded from accepting instructions on conflict grounds. However, where we are not prevented from doing so by duties of confidentiality, our normal practice is to discuss conflict issues with you. 

Anti-money laundering policies and procedures

Alba Compliance is committed to ensure adherence to anti-money laundering regulations, and we will therefore, and are required to, conduct due diligence on all our clients upon acceptance of new clients as well as ongoing monitoring during the course of the relationship with the client. Accordingly, we are obliged to obtain and keep identity information on any client. Where individuals has provided personal data for this purpose, we will only use it for that purpose and keep it only for as long as the relevant anti-money laundering and data protection legislation requires. All personal information will be handled and stored in accordance with our Privacy Notice. Alba Compliance furthermore has internal procedures in place to ensure that any suspicions of money laundering are reported to the appropriate authority where there is an obligation to do so.

Anti-bribery and corruption statement

Corrupt activity, bribery or attempted bribery is never acceptable, for legal, moral and ethical reasons, and it does not matter if someone is being bribed or doing the bribing. Alba Compliance has a zero tolerance for policy towards bribery and corruption. Alba Compliance iscommitted to:

  • Conduct business in a manner that complies with applicable law and is consistent with the highest ethical standards including, amongst other things, standards intended to prevent bribery and corruption; and
  • Using our best endeavours to ensure that those who perform services for and on behalf of Alba Compliance are aware and share our commitment to conducting business ethically.

It is Alba Compliance policy to compete fairly. We want to win business because of the quality and competitiveness of our products and services. We will not attempt to win on any other basis. Senior management is committed to implementing effective measures to prevent, monitor and eliminate bribery.


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